Our Florida Vocational Counselors

Jennifer Dahl


Vocational Counselor
(904) 651-2490
Resides: Jacksonville
Northeast Florida

Jennifer Dahl has extensive experience providing mental health counseling, vocational rehabilitation, career coaching, and business coaching services. She is a national speaker at conferences, national summits, veteran groups, and she provides live and recorded webinars teaching business skills to mental health practitioners and empowering professionals. She is an expert in vocational rehabilitation, including employment services. She is a contractor for Department of Veteran Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation employment services and a sub-contractor for Wounded Warrior Independent Program. She is an expert witness for family court. Her down to earth and non-judgmental style provides a safe space for individuals to explore themselves and focus on their goals. Ms. Dahl has assisted well over 2000 professionals transform their career. Whether the person wants to change careers, go from the military to civilian life, get promoted, or increase their salary, Ms. Dahl is there to assist them along the way. Focusing on overcoming barriers, transferability of skills, working through fears, and empowering the individual is a formula for success.

Jennifer Dahl is a member of Florida Mental Health Counselor Association, which is the largest state counseling association in the United States where she presents at their annual conference along with providing live webinars. She is a member of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation where she was trained to provide CISD services. Ms. Dahl is a former member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association. In 2019, Ms. Dahl obtained her certificate in telehealth from the Telehealth Certification Institute.

Heather Peeples


Vocational Counselor
(407) 620-0578
Resides: Longwood, FL
Central Florida

Heather Peeples has extensive experience in all aspects of counseling and case management, with particular expertise in rehabilitation and career counseling. She began her career as a support counselor with an executive outplacement consulting firm and moved into the public sector with development disabilities treatment planning and counseling under the public mental health system of Maryland. After receiving her Master’s in clinical psychology and a Graduate Certificate in addictions counseling from Loyola University in Maryland, she began providing traditional mental health counseling, as well as addictions counseling and prevention services, with a group practice in Pennsylvania. She also provided counseling support to the local public school systems in south central PA during that period. In 2000, Ms. Peeples and a partner co-founded and ran a mid-sized nonprofit corporation that provided job placement assistance, counseling, and other support services to clients transitioning off of welfare in Baltimore, MD. In early 2004, Ms. Peeples began providing rehabilitation counseling, transition services, and career counseling to active duty service members and veterans through both the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD). She taught transition classes on all of the bases in the National Capitol Region to all ranks of service members from all branches of the military during this time. She has provided a wide variety of services to the VA since then, continuing to do so under Rehabilitation Advisors since relocating to Florida in 2007. Services currently include complete initial assessments, vocational testing and counseling, educational counseling, case management, vocational exploration, complete career counseling services (including resume development, interviewing, and job search techniques), community referrals and education, and a new complete assessment service that is open to active duty service members, veterans, and their spouses/dependents.

In addition to working as a contract counselor for the VA since early 2004, Ms. Peeples also provides counseling services under contract with the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), LifeTeam (PGAP counseling), and various worker’s compensation carriers.


Vocational Counselor
(850) 516-5319
Resides: Pensacola

Lois earned a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida. She earned her professional certification from the Commission on Certified Disability Management Specialists as a Certified Disability Management Specialist(CDMS).

Ms. Silberstein has been an accepted Vocational Expert by the Social Security Administration and testified in Social Security disability adjudication hearings for close to five years. She is an approved Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the US Department of Labor, Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Division. She also provides absence management services, vocational counseling, vocational case management, vocational evaluations, re-employment assessments, labor market surveys, transferable skills analysis, employability skills training and job placement. In addition to vocational services, Ms. Silberstein provides medical case management and disability management, including catastrophic medical management.

Ms. Silberstein has provided vocational, medical and disability management services in Northwest Florida for over 30 years, eight of which were spent as a Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor with the Florida Bureau of Rehabilitation and Re-Employment. She has also been a designated Qualified Rehabilitation Provider for the state of Florida.


Vocational Counselor
(850) 233-8984
Resides: Panama City Beach

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Cheryl Summers, CRC, CCM, CVE


Vocational Counselor & Evaluator
(904) 226-3509
Resides: Palm City, FL
South Florida

Cheri Summers began her career as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in Denver, Colorado before moving to Florida in 1986. Since then, she has successfully worked with adults and youth to provide career and educational guidance and counseling, crisis management, personal and family counseling, and job placement assistance. While working for a small, private rehabilitation company, Ms. Summers created and managed a CARF accredited Work Hardening program for fifteen years. This involved working closely with a treatment team that was composed of a Physiologist, Psychologist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Rehabilitation Nurse and Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. During that time, she also completed training for and prepared Life Care Plans and Medicare Set-Asides. She has worked with varied populations to include individuals transitioning out of the military to a civilian occupation; those considering a change of career, or who have been laid off due to downsizing; and those who must change careers because of physical or psychological injuries or disabilities, which prevent return to previous employment or difficulty becoming hired. Transfer skills analyses are performed utilizing various educational testing methodologies, personal interviews, review of records, and labor market surveys.

Ms. Summers has worked closely with the Veterans Administration, State of Florida, and Federal Workers Compensation (to include Longshore), educational institutions (community and four-year colleges), private insurance companies, legal and medical professionals, and employers to ensure viable and realistic educational and occupational objectives are established. Extensive documentation and professionally written communications are provided to support results and recommendations